Opening Thoughts

Business Thoughts

Here is what I am thinking about... my business. That has been on my mind since we moved here.

Tsunami Wash LLC. I do pressure washing- basically soft washing for homes and small businesses. I must say, for a first time owner, there are nearly and endless stream of items to think about that keep my mind swimming all the day long. Some days I wonder if it is worth it. It is of course, but I think about it anyway.

When long days hit I have to think about feeding, clothing and housing my family. That is what keeps me going. They are my life and I need to keep them actively in my thoughts to help me keep going. If I don't, I will lose my momentum.

Some days are extremely difficult, some are much better. This is a lifetime of struggle, but I know I can make it by remaining positive, keeping my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ in my thoughts throughout each day along with my family.

We all struggle to survive and succeed. Many do better than others, but we are all in this together. I desire my success, but I must, by my very nature, desire the success of all my brothers and sisters in this life. We are a great force for good when we work together.

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