Image by Matt Paul Catalano

The idea of Tsunami Wash was originally an accident discovered by my wife while surfing the Internet for videos to watch. She landed on a page that showed an older man working out of a large truck he had built over time. Everything he needed was in there. I watched it later and then we talked about it. We were planning on moving to Texas to get started in a new life and I wanted to start my own business. This seemed exactly what I wanted to do and, simply put, became the exact opposite of what I was currently doing.
Several months of research and hundreds of videos later I decided I was ready to go out and start this business. We sold our home providing the required funds to step off into the unknown and move from Arizona to Texas to get the ball rolling.
Once here, things didn't go well right away. Our garage (temporary location), where we placed all of our belongings, flooded. Not twice, but three times during heavy rain storms. We spent several days cleaning that mess up and putting pallets under it all to prevent, in the interim, further damage. Everything that had any kind of value we packed into the tiny house we rented. The work involved wiped out my whole family. We took several days off to rest and just do light work - cooking, taking out the trash - those sorts of things.
During this crazy time I started getting things ready to start my business: Texas licensing, equipment purchasing (to include a truck to haul it all), repair supplies, containers, a ladder rack for the truck and some truck repairs (it was used when I bought it).
One funny note here. My son gets the credit (and a bit of cash) for coming up with the name of my business.
Tsunami Wash has not been in business as long as other, similar companies, but Tsunami Wash comes to the Pressure Washing industry with solid values, integrity and stability.

As our simple statement "Get hit by a tsunami...and survive" implies, these values are often not provided in or out of business in today's environment. We strive to provide the best services possible for residential and commercial customers.

The way I see it...if you can't keep a smile on your face and love what you do, you shouldn't be doing it !

- Mason Petty, Owner